It’s Been One Of Those Days

Posted on January 14, 2009



Welcome to my first post. I am excited about this site! I hope you visit often. Postings will relate to gaining a better understanding of our times, emergency planning, storage, and preparing for the likelihood of trying times in our future.

Prepare For What?

gaspumpOur times are surely becoming a challenge.  That’s why we need to consider another way of doing things to deal with whatever obstacles life puts in front of us.

We do not know what lies ahead so it only makes sense to store food, water, medicine, supplies, and money. Even a meager savings account or emergency supplies can be beneficial if something were to happen.

The truth is that we live in dangerous times. There are threats of natural disasters in the forecast, as well as terrorism by fanatic who have a compelling desire to bring America to our knees. Anything can happen, perhaps even another 9/11 type of event.

We need to be keenly aware of the dangers we face in today’s society. Knowing how to respond appropriately, along with judicious planning, helps us think rationally when an event occurs.

Our lives can be changed in an instant and will never be the same again, especially if we survive a disaster. The videos below will help answer the question “Prepare For What?”

Click on this link and see a CBS video on this topic:

Also, read reports on links below: 

Below are videos taken from the National Geographic Channel about Doomsday Preppers. You may find this information useful, even if it seems fanatical to you.

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