Value of Women

Posted on January 6, 2010


Do you appreciate the powerful force that women have in society?

When was the last time you thought about the impact women have on us in general and how we would be without their influence?

At her best, a woman is an angel and an inspiration – exemplifying to most us what womanhood means.

At her worst, however, a woman is the picture of evil – partially responsible for the breakdown of the family unit and the downfall of society.

Women are lovely, soft, gentle, kind, persuasive, and a blessing to society. Also, they represent sensuality, lust, and sometimes naughtiness.

A women can do just about anything she wants today – perhaps even become President of the United States or a ruler of whatever country in which she lives.

The characteristics I just described clearly represent women of today; they are an awesome creation.

Some women are meek and dependent on men, other women are physically and emotionally strong and very independent – rarely needing the assistance of a man.

A woman can be a blessing or a thorn in man’s side. This would depend on whether she is selfish and self-serving or not and if her agenda is in agreement with his.

Alas, womanhood also represents the warm and gentle arms every man and child looks for when they are hurt or need love. She gives him a warm place to fall or is his soft pillow when he has had a bad day.

Women create a lovely home environment and makes life bearable in a dreary world.

  • She has the ability to make the world go away and become a heaven on earth instead.
  • She is the ray of sunshine in the center of a hurricane.
  • She is the lovely smell of flowers in the midst of a garbage pit.
  • She is everything good and bad all wrapped up into one neat package.
  • She encompasses what most men would die for, and still she has energy left to raise a family.
  • She is a multi-task expert as a house-keeper, bookkeeper, executive secretary, cook, teacher, childcare specialist, counselor, errand girl, professional buyer, party planner, hostess, sex partner, and confidant.

Sometimes a woman is misunderstood and under-appreciated: she’s seen as just “plain Jane” and nothing very special or interesting. This is a sad situation, not only for the woman but for the man as well because he is missing out by not enjoying her beautiful qualities.

“Make an ugly woman your wife and you will be happy for the rest of your life” are words taken from a song that I enjoyed in the 1960s. There is wisdom in those words. What one man sees as ugly could be beautiful to another, especially when she is allowed to bloom and be herself.

A women needs to be cherished for her divine nature and loved for her loving heart. She needs to be appreciated for her kindness and compassion, for her ability to soothe an aching spirit and soul, and for her ability to nurse our physical wounds and sufferings.

A woman is a creature that not only encompasses everything good, she is sexual enough to satisfy the wild beast in man – without question, she is a marvelous and extraordinary creation!

Take the time to contemplate on the blessing she is to you. If she is not a blessing, then please take her aside and tell her how you feel. Ask her how you can help her become more of who she wants to be. Give her the support she needs to be that person and to be more of what you want her to be as well.

Take the time to remember the women you fell in love with, even if it has been over 50 years of marriage. Tell her often that she is important to you and that you care about her happiness.

Teach your children to appreciate women and to honor and respect them. Teach them to treat women properly and to love them with care and attention. Just as you take care of a beautiful flower to keep it blooming, be sure to take care of your beautiful woman so she can keep blooming.

Men will feel more like men when they treat women with respect and kindness, and women will reward them with the things they want when they do.

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