Posted on March 16, 2012


New Website To Help You

As you know, we live in dangerous and uncertain times. We have been hearing a lot on the internet and on television about Dooms Day and End of Times. Since 12/21/2012 is supposed to be the last date on the Mayan Calendar, many have interpreted the End of Times being on that day.

We had another prophecy last year on May 21, 2011 as an End of Times also because a huge earthquake was supposed to tear apart the American Continent. But nothing ever happened on that day, so then the Minister who said the earthquake would come but he was off and the new date was supposed to be October 21, 2011. As you know, that day came and went also and there was no End of Times Earthquake.

Now we are hearing that Iran will have a nuclear weapon shortly and target Israel and the U.S., and that Iran will give terrorists dirty weapons to launch an attack on America. So the newest talk is End of Times will be nuclear.

This past week, with the Sun Flares hitting earth, we have been hearing about EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse) knocking out our modern way of life and send us back to the dark ages.

It appears we have heard lots of things that will cause our Dooms Day and that we need to prepare for every one of them. Look, I don’t know any more than you do that any of these events will occur, but I do know for sure that one day, according to prophecy, the End of Times will come and we will be in a world of hurt.

According to some place in the record Daniel, we will first have ten and a half years of tribulations, broken down into three and a half year cycles, between April and October, and October to April. So whatever you interpret that to mean, it would be wise in any case to do some type of preparations. Therefore, I have taken the concern to task and started a website titled Prep For Dooms day. I hope you will check into the site.  Below are two videos to give you a taste of the site’s content.

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