About Our Times

We Live In Exciting Times

We Live In Exciting Times


We live in the most exciting times ever. It is the time of great technology that benefits our lives in many ways. We have access to information that never was available to us before, and communication opportunities that were not possible in the past.

Although these are exciting times, we also accept that we live in precarious times as well. We have terrorist who have access to nuclear weapons with no accountability. Our times are also fraught with financial troubles: huge loss of jobs, higher inflation, and a deepening recession.

Also, we have seen several major natural disasters take place in the past decade, and threats of more in the future. There are other concerns we do not know about yet. All of these reasons give us a stronger desire to re-think our own preparedness in order to meet the challenges ahead.

Okay, now that I’ve caused you to think about and consider your own preparedness, it’s time for you to put together a plan for your family as soon as possible. Then make working on your plan a priority. Whatever is or is not ahead of us makes no real difference, but what does make a difference is how well you understand your weakness and strengthen that area.

For example, a good place to work on first is strengthening your family unit. Family members need to be able to depend on each other in times of crisis. Strengthening them spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically so they can handle what life throws at them should become your priority.

Spending quality time with each other helps to build a good bond among family members. For example, I remember listening to music with my father and then imagining a story as I listened. That activity helped me have a better relationship with him. Reading together is another activity that helps nourish the spirit of a family unit and individually.

You should then put aside food, water, supplies, and money for emergencies. The more prepared you are the more you will feel confident in facing future issues. If you are prepared, you shall not fear is a scriptural promise that helps us build a stronger spirit. A stronger spirit gives us the power of discernment and foresight. This foresight helps in the efficacy of our preparations in future events.

The decision is yours in properly planning for your future and the safety of your family. You can live in a bubble and think all is well, which it is NOT, or you can face the reality of our times and make viable plans for responding to the future. Your wisdom in making correct decisions for you and your family effects the stability and security of your nation.

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