Emergency Planning

We Live In Cloudy Times

No one knows what lies ahead of us, of course, but it makes sense to plan for scenarios that are both realistic and hard to imagine. September 11, 2001 is a perfect example of planning for the unimaginable.

How many of us really expected something like 9/11 to happen? I suspect few of us ever thought we would be attacked by another nation, let alone by terrorists organizations, because we aere too strong of a nation for such an event. How arrogant is that type of thinking? This is a question that many of us have been asking over the past several years. It’s no wonder other nations hate us the way they do.

I know that it’s too late to change the way other countries felt about us in the past, but we can do something in the present to change the way we appear to them now. The first thing we need to do is stop being so arrogant in our attitudes and thinking. The second thing we need to do is realize that we are vulnerable; thanks to the terrorists actions, we now understand that we are not as impenetrable as we thought.

Keep in mind that al-Qaida’s threat of using WMDs in the United States back in May of 2008 (and again in December) is still a very real possibility! We cannot afford to discount these threats, becoming complacent because nothing since 9/11 has happened to us. Also keep in mind that Korea, Pakistan, and India have WMDs, and possibly China and Iran. Also keep in mind that late last year, Iran tested a bomb in the air at sea for a reason. Senator Graham said the only explaination is that they are planning to launch a missile from a ship to blast Israel and the United States with an EMG (an Electro Magnetic Bomb).

An Electro Magnetic Bomb will knock out everything that is electronic and send us back to the dark ages; that means nothing with a computer chip will work. Everything would go down: Company and personal computers, telephones and cell phones, banking and ATM/Debit/Credit cards, Wall Street (that maintains our economy), utilities, traffic controls and train systems, transportation of food and supplies, government facilities and getting equipment to the military, as well as our own vehicles and emergency vehicles, and hospitals with operating rooms and life-saving equipment. In other words, all forms of transportation, communication, banking, and marketing would come to a screeching halt.

dutchoven-potIf all the above is not reason enough to plan for an emergency, what about the chaotic environment we have now, with “Mother Nature” kicking up her heels in diverse places. We see crop infestations of disease, sink-holes, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, and strong winds that cause havoc on society. We see famine all over the world, and not just the places we usually see famine. Realize that famine means lack of food, and we could have this problem if there is a disruption in growing, processing, storing, and distribution of our food and supplies.

All of these situations mean we MUST change our thinking and how we plan for an emergency in the future.

In light of this election and the euphoria we see from the result, I fear this information is being forgotten and needs to be brought to light again. We need to remember that terrorists are serious about hurting America. We are a complex society and that makes us vulnerable. Being sent back to the dark ages would be much like we see in the middle east today. It would be much like Israel and Palestine right now, taking a risk of being bombed each time we go out into the public view  or our homes being hit with bombs and killing our families.

Now that I have caused you to think of things you would rather not think about, let me end this article on a high note. We cannot worry about what lies ahead. All we can do is try to prepare for what we have the power to change and then leave the rest in God’s hands. That’s all anyone can do, and that’s all you can do.

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Please don’t allow yourself to be caught up in excessive worry and excessive thinking. You won’t be able to think clearly and make the type of plans you need for the family. I suggest you decide what you can do, set up a plan and then follow through with it, but do not worry about what you cannot do! Whatever preparations you can do now has to be enough because that is all that is in your power to change. Be satisfied with that, and then go on with your life and live with the knowledge that God is in charge of this world. We do our part and leave the rest in HIS hands. What will be will be and whatever happens will be part of His will. We do our part and He will do His.

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Also check out another worthy project:  The Community Growers Association

  • Communities work together to grow and distribute their own food.
  • Set up a greenhouses and hydroponic growing all year around.
  • Emergency supplies
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